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Luxury Surf Watch 2015 | Men's Seapro Timepieces

If you are an active guy that doesn't wear watches much, we get it. Living an athletic lifestyle usually means you don't have time to wear accessories that can break easily. While most timepiece brands don't accommodate the rugged lifestyle, Seapro made a men's line specifically designed for watersports and physical activity. These are a few of our favorites; some wavy watches for those who want to check the time outside a boring business meeting.

Diver Chronograph SP1125

The blue-and-black layout of this amazing timepiece is sleek and stylish. Blend in with the waves and keep track of the time while looking great. Whether you're a surfer, an athlete, or you just want to flat-out look dope, this watch should do the trick.

Coral SP6123

This is a gem of a timepiece; a versatile watch for any occasion. Seapro was created in sunny Los Angeles, which is evident in this piece. It's a great look for the beach and comforting knowing it was made for just that. The simple-yet-smooth white/black color design gives this watch more play. Wear it at any event and know it won't clash with your outfit.

Imperial SP7120

This watch is flat out sick. The intricate design, yet simple color scheme makes this a desirable piece from Seapro. It's versatile just like the Coral SP6123 which is always a huge plus. Wear this timepiece whenever you want to look like a boss.


  • February 04, 2015
  • Jordan Botbol